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My FavoritesWhen in a relationship, you each make sacrifices to make it a happy union.  Or at least you try to.  You sometimes watch her shows to spend time with her, despite the fact you find them uninteresting.  Or you give up your favorite condiments because buying two brands of basically the same thing is not cost effective.  Plus they go bad.

But sometimes you do your thing and she has no interest or vice versa.  So you get what you want, but miss out on the time with her.

What got me thinking about this so much is the fact I was shopping for the first time in my new house.  I happened to pass by an old familiar favorite from childhood.  Plochman’s Mustard.  I had forgotten it because I wasn’t able to buy it for years.  In my relationships it was almost always French’s they wanted.  A little thing I know.  But I bought it and now I don’t have to go back to brands I didn’t care for.  I think it’s far better.  Realizing I can finally do whatever I want now.  Have whatever I want.  Watch whatever TV I want and not to have to hide in my bedroom to do it.  Eating all my favorite foods all the time now.  Eating healthy without dealing with the pissing and moaning about how they only want to eat junk food.

I know this is a superficial blog.  But when you put off your life for so long just to make your other half happy; little things like this seem exciting 😀

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