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SurveysI just got a request from a major hardware chain to give a review and survey of a 24″ x 24″ hunk of plywood I bought. Basically scrap wood I didn’t have on hand for tossing under something and basically never looking at it again.

It’s a piece of scrap wood that I picked up cheap.  But because I claimed my military discount, that means they have to ask me about my purchase and urge me to give them feedback on it.  I could understand if it was about something expensive I bought or installation they performed for me earlier this year.  But a scrap of wood?

This is just a drop in the amount of “attaboy” seeking nonsense these companies are looking for.  Hell every time I use my maps on my phone it asks me how was your trip?  With a 👍👎 response option.  Like what?  Unless they do me like Google used to do, by running me through a golf course on a golf cart path, I really have little to complain about as long as I got there.  I’m not about to pat them on the back for every successful delivery I make or every business I try to find.

It’s become silly.  Every app I use wants a review.  Every product you purchase sends an email or letter in the mail asking for a survey.  Every time I refill my prescriptions via the mail, I get a survey in email links and letters if I don’t respond quickly enough.  Enough already!

What’s next?  Will the annoying GSTV at the gas pump start asking how your fuel fill experience was?  No…  I suspect it will be soon filled with, “you should be driving green in an EV”.

Listen companies.  If I have something good to say, I’ll email you.  If I have a complaint.  I’ll call customer service.  I’m not about to fill out a survey every time I use a tissue to blow my nose!

And Oh My God!  When you do call or email someone, then there is a survey asking how they did.  Surveys are becoming like advertisements, you can’t bloody escape the damn things!  Stop already!

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