Dear Gen Z

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Dear Gen-ZDear Gen Z,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I work 45-50 plus hours a week for less than $15 per hour.

I’m sorry I own my own home.

I’m sorry I have all my bills paid.

I’m sorry I own a good car.

I’m sorry I have good credit.

I’m sorry I have money in my bank account.

I’m sorry I have no problems buying groceries.

I’m sorry that I can do all of that as a single person in 2024.

I’m sorry the world makes your lives so hard.

I’m sorry that all you can do about your situation is cry on Tik-Tok with your $1000 smart phone.

But maybe. Just maybe. Move out of the big city where everything is stupid expensive.

I agree with Matt.  Life is work.  Stop complaining.  Just saying.

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