I’m a Quitter

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I'm A QuitterNever quit.  Never give up.  Well that’s not always true.  In order to succeed sometimes you have to quit a whole lot of things and focus on new things to never give up on.

It’s almost been a year since I achieved my weight-loss goal.  That took 3 plus years to accomplish.  During which time I gave up the last few addictions in my life.  I’ve been pondering this for months, but I don’t think I have any addictions anymore.  Which makes me sort of a lonely person.  Every single person I know has an addiction.

Even my addiction to need someone to please in my life.  That ride alone has led me down so many bad paths.  All eventually destroying my life in some faction or another.  From being broke (financially) and broken (emotionally).  To being downright homeless.

I’ve hit rock bottom too many times.  I’ve even met the grim reaper on 3 separate occasions.  Each time telling me it isn’t my time yet.  As you might imagine, I’m not real eager to meet him again, as it may be my last time.

With a family that has more than it’s share of alcoholics and drug addicts.  I am thankful I never followed in their footsteps.  Sure I used to drink, but honestly I never got into it and actually hate the feeling of loss of motor control.  I watched an uncle turn into a vegetable from heavily smoking weed.  Plus I can’t stand the smell of it.  I don’t even want edibles for my pain.  I’d rather live with the discomfort to know I’m in total control and my mind is as sharp as it’s ever been.

Addictions I once had and have since kicked are:

  • Smoking (15 years ago)
  • Junk food (4 years ago)
  • Gum (1 year ago)
  • Sugary drinks (4 years ago)
  • Social Media (10 years ago)
  • Overeating (4 years ago)

I still consider myself a gamer.  But I no longer play from dawn until bedtime like I used too.  Now I limit my game play to 1-2 hours a day when I’m off work.  On work days, I only play long enough to do my dailies.  I don’t crave sitting at my computer for very long anymore except when I feel creative.

I don’t even have a caffeine addiction.  I have 2 cups of coffee per day and the rest of the day it’s spring water.

I’m as clean as a person can get.  Sadly that means I stay away from others (intimately speaking) who do have such addictions.  Good thing I’m happy and healthier than I’ve ever been as I am 😊

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