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Doing Better SingleIn 2012 I went through 3 major heart attacks in a two-week period.  I was morbidly obese.  I was lazy and my heart became enlarged.  I was so weak and tired.  This was shortly after splitting up with my third wife.

I’ve been through three marriages.  Two ended because they were unhappy that we were not financially well off.  Even though we had two incomes.  One was just a scam and I made it out before they succeeded.  During my third marriage I had a job that made nearly $50,000 a year.  In 1999 that was amazing.  Yet we lived in a trailer and were mainly just getting by but eating out more than we should have.  Having basic cars.  Not having money in the bank.  However that job at Gateway was short lived as it was outsourced to India in 2001.

Looking back I never realized something.  Until I was faced with death, I always depended on someone else to make it through life.  I was super scared to be alone.  I believed with all certainty that the only way to afford a home was with a two-person income.  Or working 3 jobs as a single person which would make living in a home pointless.  Plus for every marriage I had, I also had a bankruptcy as we were always so in debt.

The past 12 years for me have been very interesting and enlightening:

  • 2012 / 2013 I just saved up money and moved back to Michigan.  Worked out a plan to pay my bills on-time every time!  Started rebuilding my credit.
  • 2013 – I got my own apartment.
  • 2014 – I changed from a high stress tech job entered a lower stress food industry job.  I took my talent for making people laugh and made my job not only fun, but more profitable.
  • 2015 – Changed job, same industry.  Tried various diet plans, but didn’t have much success.  Permanently injured my right knee (still have yet to have knee replacement surgery).
  • 2016 / 2019 – By this time I switched restaurants four times.  I was making money enough to live on my own for 7 years.  No girlfriend or roommate needed.
  • 2020 – I figured out the secret to losing weight effortlessly.  Stop eating stupid shit!  Also I discovered if I kept track of my income, I could spend it more wisely and merged it with my bill paying plan.  Plus at this time my credit score was doing really well.  Started making my dreams come true.
  • 2021 – Lost 100 pounds.  Had a decent savings account.
  • 2022 – Lost another 60 pounds.  Bought a decent car.
  • 2023 – I’m now maintaining a healthy weight of 175 pounds and I have more energy and happiness than I’ve had in decades!  Bought my own house.

It’s now 2024 and I’ve completed the bucket list I set for myself years ago.  I did it all on my own.  No girlfriend.  No wife.  I’ve grown to enjoy my solitude as well.  Just have a couple of people in my life that can’t figure out the definition of solitude.  I hope they learn soon.

All in all, I’ve had 36 serious relationships in my lifetime.  Not proud of it.  I’m not a woman who’s goal in life is to have a high body count.  But I have noticed something else now.  Every time I was married, even though we had more money together, we spent more than we made as well.  Now that I’m single, I have more money and I’m not hard up for anything.  I’m beginning to believe that another word for poor is WIFE.

I digress.  I hope to keep my success going for many years so that I may finally get to enjoy life on my terms finally.

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