My Cyclical Keto

I got to talking with one of my customers about my success in weight loss.  I’m have now lost just over 185 pounds since I started on June 15, 2020.  He showed interest in just how I did it.  I explained I merely rearranged what I ate and yes there were minor adjustments.  Here’s some of the things I eat in a weeks time to get into Ketosis and then my cheat.

Keep in mind I work nights.  So breakfast or my first meal is actually at noon.  My second is around 5-6 pm and I generally eat dinner around 10-11 pm.  So on a normal rotation, I fast from 10pm to noon the next day.  Fourteen hours.  Fasting daily helps with this plan I use.  Adjust times to fit your life.Of course if you choose to do this plan I use, you can vary your ingredients.  I find the website is very helpful, and I do allow 20 – 30 carbs per day as most Keto diets allow.

Day Meal 1 Meal 2 Meal 3
Sunday Cheese Omelet with Sausage Tuna Bowl – Tuna, Celery, Onion and Grated Parmesan Keto Pizza – Tomato Basil Keto Tortilla, Lite Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Toppings
Monday Denver Omelet with Bacon Rolled Lunch Meat with Cheese dipped in your favorite keto friendly condiment with Green Beans Cheese Burger with no Bun and Steamed Broccoli
Tuesday Fried Eggs with 1 slice of Keto Friendly Bread toasted. Grilled Chicken Salad with Bacon and Ranch Steak and Summer Squash
Wednesday Seasoned Chicken Breast with Keto Friendly Vegetable. This is when I cheat. I eat anything for this meal, including desert. BLT wrapped in Tomato Basil Keto Tortilla
Thursday Keto Friendly Yogurt with Raspberries or Strawberries Pizza-Style Stuffed Portobellos Keto Friendly Marinara Sauce doctored with Basil and Oregano with Ground beef over Zucchini Noodles sauteed in Olive Oil.
Friday Scrambled Eggs with onions, green peppers and sausage topped with cheese. Cauliflower Crust Pizza from your local Pizza Place Chef Salad with Ranch
Saturday Keto Friendly Yogurt with Raspberries or Strawberries Keto Bowl from your local Pizza Place Polish Sausage over Cauliflower Rice and Keto Friendly Vegetables.

If you look at my charts, you can see I have an amazing success with this diet.  Yes, I’ll be on it for the rest of my life, but with adjustments.  When I reach my goal weight, I will cheat more often.  But the key to this whole thing is willpower.  To me, this is all super easy and I’ve only really done walking for exercise.  My saggy stomach is shrinking and will one day be no different than any other man out there.  Not rock hard, but not super saggy either.  Dad-bod-ish if you will.  Those who are like the customer I talked too, won’t have this issue.  He only wanted to lose a few pounds and won’t need to stick to this diet so strictly in the future.  Not everyone deals with carbs the same way.

What if you get more hungry?  Well I do eat when I get peckish.  Small handful of pecans, or Pepperoni or lunch meats for that extra fill of protein.  Sweet tooth?  That keto yogurt I use is good, or a few strawberries are good in moderation.

Drinks?  I mainly only drink Ice Mountain Spring Water or Coffee with Almond Milk creamer.  I used to drink Pepsi like crazy.  But when I started this diet, I only allowed myself pop or soda during my cheat meal.  Surprisingly, after about six weeks it became too sweet to me.  Thus I lost my desire for sweet drinks all together.  I still have an occasional orange juice, but needs to have less sweetener.  Basically now I can only handle sugar not already in food on occasion or it just makes me feel sluggish.  Which is a good thing for me.  I can walk past all the junk food feeling no guilt or desire for it.

Other notes: Use real butter instead of margarine.  Stay away from Miracle Whip and use Mayo instead.  Low sugar Ketchup.  Use more mustard perhaps.Starches like beans, potatoes an corn.  Save for the cheat meal/day.  Try having bean-less chili.  It’s not horrible.  Just look at the beans as not necessary fillers.  Add banana peppers to help burn the calories.  Trust me.  I love mashed potatoes or french fries, but that’s where the willpower comes in.  Save it for something to look forward to on your cheats.  Just remember, if you are going to achieve anything, You Really Gotta Want it!

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