His Greater Plan

His PlanI’m sure most of us have at one point or another in our lives wondered, “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose in life?”. Some of us ponder that one very frequently. My life is so mundane at times. What could I possibly contribute to the world? Frankly, like so many others, I’ll likely never know. I do plan on asking God should I get the opportunity.

There are times I get to thinking, perhaps I have no purpose. Maybe the world would not be any different if I didn’t exist. That too is a viable possibility. Then I got this idea for a movie that could explain as such. I’ll put it here as I only desire to finish my one short film. So anyone looking for a movie idea, here you go. Though perhaps this idea has already been done, I just never saw it.

It starts out the first few minutes showing a woman’s life in short clips as she goes through different things. Marriage and child birth. Going to church. Helping her son with his homework. Being in the hospital some years later when one of her children got injured. Talking to a homeless man. Volunteering at the local shelter. Giving comfort to an elderly person. Then suddenly she dies in an accident.

As the camera fades in, she’s now standing in heaven and at peace. But still she’s confused why her life seemed so meaningless and average. She calls out to God. God can either appear and talk to her or perhaps do the all powerful voice thing and she doesn’t actually see God. Though if I were to do the movie, I’d want an avatar at least so the audience can relate.

She asks God why her life seemed so average and that she felt she had no real purpose. God then explains that not only was her life meaningful, but then starts to show her all the events that her life was apart of. He shows her that her love and devotion to God in turn, blessed her family in many ways. Her marriage saved her husband from suicide as before she came into his life, he felt unlovable and worthless. Now he carries on to care for her children, is a devoted man of God and will seek her out in heaven when his time comes to pass as he loved her so. That showing her son such dedication in his homework, he in turn helped his son with his homework. A grandson that grows up to be a world renowned doctor who finally finds the key to curing cancer 70 years after her death. Saving thousands of lives.Looking back at the conversation she had with the homeless person and the guilt she felt because she didn’t feel comfortable giving him her spare change, actually saved a young girl’s life. As he would’ve used the money to buy a knife to rape and murder a young teenager. Her time in the soup kitchen. The friends she made of those she helped, managed to get not one but two of them to clean up their lives and make something of themselves. Which in turned started a new chain of events that benefited many people. The comfort she offered to the elderly, made some of them feel loved and no longer alone; as they didn’t have anyone else to spend their lonely last years with. When they passed, they passed in peace rather than feeling alone. That they too were waiting to greet her now that she’s also in heaven.

God showed her that her life really mattered to so many. That the little things we do may in turn do greater things or carry on to do greater things in the future. Even if it’s lying to a homeless man to save a young girls life.

That’s my movie idea and my current thoughts of the plans God has for us. Perhaps my life will never be exciting, maybe I will never feel like I had a purpose here. Though I hope that I touched the life of someone else. Perhaps my sons or my step daughters will look on me with fondness; and I perhaps, gave them some bit of something they will carry on. Perhaps my love will feel whole because I was apart of her life. Maybe a friend I made long ago will thank me for some bit or other. Maybe my great grandchildren who never met me, will have been touched in some positive way because of what I thought was my boring life.I have hope I am part of his greater plan.

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