Cooking is Easy!

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My CookwareAs a person who brings people food.  It astounds me the repeat customers.  I mean not just those who eat take-out on the weekends.  The insane people who order from my store 4-7 times a week!  I mean how can they afford to not only order food that is way more expensive.  But also on multiple occasions, pay for a delivery fee and manage to leave a tip?  We’re talking anywhere between $25 to $50 a day!  Many of these people live in shambles.  Yet seem to have an endless supply of money!  I mean I eat out once a week with my friends or family.  Plus, I’m usually the guy who not only picks up the tab, but pays for gas and tip too!  I can afford that, but I can’t afford to eat out multiple times a week.  Well, maybe I can.  But I like having money in the bank more.  Plus if I ate junk food that much, I’d just end up being fat again.  I’m happy to have lost 185 pounds.  I feel great!  (not too bad on the looks department either)

OK so the media says things are expensive and Gen Z says they can’t afford to live and eat.  I think Gen Z needs to get the fuck out of the big cities.  But that’s another post for another day.

But what really gets me is the comments of, “it’s easier than cooking”. 😯

Are you kidding me?  Cooking is so easy!  I’ve spent years in relationships and saved money by cooking at home most days.  Now that I’m doing my healthy lifestyle, I’m damn near a low-carb chef!  I love cooking!  I wish I had more times per week to cook at home!  But working 4-5 double shifts a week makes it hard.  So I cook at work instead.

Plus I’ve been waiting an eternity to really put my stainless steel cookware to use!  (was always stuck with non-stick cookware loving girlfriends – thank God for finally getting rid of them)  Non-stick cookware is toxic!

But it only takes a few minutes to whip together a meatloaf (using almond flour).  Whip up some vegetables or make some mashed cauliflower (alternative to potatoes).  Fry up eggs or a million other things I’ve made.  Clean up is easy too.

So why do so many fear saving money and cook at home?  Are people truly that freaking lazy?  Wait… I already know the answer to that.  It’s why I recently had 2 hernia surgeries.  Because I’m always having to do things my lazy coworkers don’t do.  So yeah that’s got to be the real reason.

So yeah.  You keep ordering out and making me money 😈

Girls, want a man who can not only cook, but cook healthy?  Hint, hint 😁

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A Clean Home is a Happy Home

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Clean HouseNow that I’m finally a single man homeowner.  I finally get to live my life the way I want to.  One of the things I enjoy most is when I come home after a long day at work or a time spent away from home, is that the house is clean.

See, many of my past relationships where unfortunately shared with people who are insanely lazy and do things like:

  • not do the dishes
  • rarely do any house work
  • never do any yard work or help with it
  • leave their clothing wherever they land as they come home
  • leave food open and on counters, couches or end tables
  • leave multiple unfinished drinks laying about
  • never cleaning up after themselves

Thus leaving me to do the majority of the work or finally managing to talk them into doing some housework.

I’m the type of fellow that rarely has to all out clean the house.  I pick up after myself.  I can carry my dirty clothes to the basket a few feet away.  I don’t let dishes pile up.  I’m capable of putting laundry away shortly after the dryer stops.  I clean up anything I spill.  If I see dust I take 5 minutes to dust.  Etc…  These things take mere minutes and it always baffled me why people live in such pig-sty homes.  Sadly because I’m a delivery driver, I see so so so many gross homes.  Me?  I can’t wait for spring so I can get my yard cleaned up (snow hit as I closed on the house so leaves are an issue) and power wash my siding.  Would make for a couple of nice sunny afternoons outside.  Maybe I can meet some people or lonely ladies in the neighborhood 😁

In short, I’m very happy to come home.  Every time.  My house is clean and company ready.  It’s really not much of an effort if you just take a moment or two to clean up after yourself.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to the less geeky side of me.

Here I’ll share my thoughts and feelings about whatever is on my mind.  I’ll keep the tech and geek-ery to Geeks Den.  This site is purely about me.

Soon I’ll be doing upgrades and renovations to my home.  Or talking about things that puzzle and intrigue me.  Things I’m learning and projects.  I love to drown myself in projects.  Talk about life as a single man who red-pilled later than he should have.  It’ll all be here as time permits.

Feel free to join in discussions!

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