Dating Apps Suck!!

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Dating Apps Suck!!Maybe for the youth, dating apps have some worth.  Clearly it’s not for folks over 35.  Hell dating in general in later years sucks completely.  I remember the days of my high school years.  When I saw someone who caught my eye, all I had to do was build up the courage to ask them out and see where it goes.  It was all butterflies and good feelings mixed with a touch of anxiety.

In later years, it’s see who’s cat-fishing who.  Digging through endless emotional baggage and now it’s a horrifying mess of body-count.

But it gets worse…

The apps I have tried recently, nearly all of them locked me into a closed world of only people my age and older.  I’m not now or ever been interested in women older than me.  I could easily go for a woman 5 – 10 years younger than me.  But those options were not made available at all.  Even if I forced the search functions.  It’s like using Pandora or iHeartRadio.  I listen to one or two pop-punk songs and then I’m forced into acid rock of the 60’s and 70’s.  At least Spotify has never done that to me.

But…  It gets even worse…

In Michigan, especially the northern areas; all the profiles read the same for the main part.  Loves the outdoors, country music, camping and fishing.  Nothing I’m into.  That sadly has been a struggle all my life.  Which is weird considering my favorite pop-punk bands are as old as I am.  Yet finding a girl into that in Michigan is nearly unheard of.  And what the hell are women between 45 – 60 doing with small children?  Single moms that should be grandmothers by now have small kids at home.  I’m not about to raise another mans children at my age (54).  I’m done with that.  That’s not including women who still have their kids living with them.  Yikes I’m not about to play the game of lets be quiet because your kids are watching a movie in the next room.

But… 🙄  It gets so much worse…

The amount of emotional baggage of women my age on dating apps is astounding.  I’m sure I have some too, but the insane baggage and obscene requirements these women have.  Must be 6′ 1″ or taller.  Must make 6 figure income.  Must be in good shape.  Well, I have 2 of the 3 requirements.  Though it’s silly to make such requirements.  Especially since half of the girls I meet my age already have dentures.  I don’t.  They outweigh me now that I’ve left my fat days behind me.

My PRS Tremonti SE

My PRS Tremonti SE

Still… 😨  It gets worse…

I’ve heard the term “hitting the wall”.  Women these crap apps show me are either fake as fuck.  (Botox and Plastic Parts)  Or they not only hit the wall, but the wall hit them back.  This is what I get to choose from?  I still look good for my age.  I work hard now to keep my value physically, emotionally and I don’t want for anything.  I’m not rich and never will be.  But my bills are paid and I have my affairs in order.

Which is why I had hoped for a better experience with dating apps.  So I uninstalled them and will start going out in the real world.  Besides, I’m not looking for a future wife.  I’m more looking for a friend with similar interests and if it blossoms into love, then great.  At my age, I’m not getting my hopes up.  Honestly I’ve made peace with being single from here on out if need be.  I’m rather happy with my life.  Just not dating apps.

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