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HouseSo late last year I finally bought a house of my own.  By myself.  Just little old me.  In years past when I was with someone, it wasn’t the same feeling as it is now having a home all to myself.  To be honest it’s a weird feeling.  It’s not like renting an apartment alone.  This is mine and mine alone.

Complete freedom to do as I wish.  No one else to consult about decisions.  Certainly not from lack of others around me giving me their advice whether I want it or not 😠  The feelings I have about it are refreshing to be sure, yet unfamiliar.  I really don’t plan on doing much with the outside of the house.  But the interior is basically going to be completely changed in one fashion or another.  This was a rental and many things are slap together patches or inventions.  I have plans to reverse the shoddy work and make it look contemporary.

Bathroom will get new toilet and replace the tub/shower combo with a large shower.  Replace mirror with medicine cabinet.  New sink and counter.  (not currently pictured)

Kitchen will get new appliances (already replaced the refrigerator).  The cabinets will be painted or replaced with new.  New sink.  Paint or change wall board and paint the walls.

Need to put in a new furnace and hot water heater.  Shock my well.  See if my septic needs work.

The over all color scheme will be satin white walls.  Silver carpets (standard in living room and bedrooms), Berber in dining room and entry way.  As well as the music studio.  Linoleum with a silver/gray pattern in the kitchen.  Unless I can find the same flooring that’s in the bathroom.  That would be cool.  It’s a gray wood laminate.  Ceilings and window frames will all be dark gray (matching the curtains) with white ceiling fans.  None will have lights except the dining room.

Major work will be the replacement of the exterior doors.  I want a classy front door and remove the screen door so it can be not look ghetto from the street.

The breezeway will have the sliding glass doors removed and replaced with just walls.  No windows in that room to help with sound dampening.  Being a drummer is loud.  Interior sliding glass door will be replaced with a wall and door.

There’s a metric ton of work to be done and it’s gonna take years.  Even longer if these damned cold days never end.  Why did I move back to the land of ice and snow?  I freaking hate snow and cold weather.  I don’t motivate will in the winter.  I digress.

I’ll make new posts with pictures as I get things moving along 📸

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